notice: If you're looking for Nextstop Mobile you can find it in the Google Play Store. If you would like to start using Nextstop Mobile please contact your sales person by opening a support ticket.

X Mobile for Android
In order to use X Mobile on Android you must be running 2.1 or higher of the operating sytem. Not all Android devices are compatible; for information on mobile devices that have been tested with X Mobile please review the X Mobile Compatibility List. For detailed instructions on how to install X Mobile on your Google Android powered device please read this knowledge base article.

Version: 16.0.0
Released: March 31, 2016
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There are two (2) required items to download and install on your mobile device.

1. There are three (3) Java Virtual Machines available for Android devices. We've provided a recommendation (if we have one) for your device as indicated below, however if you experience issues with X Mobile using the recommended JVM please try the alternates.

2. X Mobile 16.0.0 for Android